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Post  karavalenge on Sun Apr 29, 2012 11:07 pm

The thief is your intel gatherer in WvW. Thieves can cross the map quickly using Haste and Shadowstep. Their traps are perfect for keep defense.

I found myself often carrying Caltrops and Shadowstep just in case I found myself chased by a bunch of enemies. Drop Caltrops to slow them down, then shadowstep to get out of their range. They'll give up chasing you pretty quick.

Hide in Shadows is great for avoiding attention during a large skirmish.

For combat, I stuck with the Shortbow to do damage to multiple enemies and give out poison. I switched to sword whenever pure damage was needed, like breaking down a tower gate.

Long range weapons seem to be even more useful in WvW than PvE, and Shortbow still beats Hangun in my book for having AoE

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