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Post  karavalenge on Mon Apr 30, 2012 2:59 am
David Krisby, a mercenary Thief, gets a call to assist the "Blue Team" in retaking their homeland.
(Took this picture to show off my Steamblade)
All went well for Krisby for quite some time. Keep after tower, the group he joined breezed through every challenge they faced, because their enemies were too distracted in other lands.
One of the towers catched David's eye. A tower called Redbriar. David immediately took a shining to the tower and nicknamed it "Stacy" though. He worked nonstop to make sure that she was the biggest and brightest tower in the whole land.
Money was no object. The Blue Team was more than happy to throw every penny they had at Project Stacy.
David acquired for Stacy the most powerful weapon in all of the whole lands. The Mortar, dealing massive destruction to a wide range, though it was very slow to use and hard to aim.
Satisfied with his work, David takes one drink too many and passes out on the tower wall.
David rose bright and early the next day. Something in his gut told him that today would be a terrible day.
Then David decided he was wrong, because Stacy was completed. No longer was she a boring wooden tower. Now she was a massive steampunk hulk of a tower. But could Stacy stand the trial of defending from hoards of enemies? (Hoards of enemies that I forgot to take a picture of cause I seriously thought I would lose)
Things looked grim for David and his sidekick Arty. At first, they tried cannons and arrowturrets, which had defeated many a raiding party. But this was no ordinary raiding party. This was like, at least 50-65 people. Seriously. Soon, all of David's guns were destroyed. They could do nothing while the raiders pounded on their gates.
Suddenly, David remembered the Mortar! He flew to the top of Stacy and aimed the Mortar using his best judgement and luck. Bam! A score of enemies fell, completely surprised by the attack.

They did not surrender, oh no. The battle went on for 45 FRIGGIN MINUTES! Not a dent was made in Stacy's thick armor. No amount of Rams, Catapults, and Trebuchets were able to stand against Stacy and her mortar.
The battle was won. The raiders eventually realized the folly in their attack and gave up.
David immediately drank until he passed out again.
Here's another picture of David standing in front of Stacy, but the love between David and Stacy could not last.
(This is the group that defended Stacy during the battle, to make up for not getting a picture of them during it)
Indeed, their love could not last. As swiftly as they met, they had to be torn apart.
David spends his last 40 minutes in the world with Stacy.

Never forget.

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