How to configure Voice Chat (Mumble)

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How to configure Voice Chat (Mumble)

Post  Wrycu on Wed Jun 13, 2012 3:33 pm

First, we need to download and install Mumble (our voice client). Mumble is available for download at []SourceForge[/url]. You should use version 1.2.3a, as shown below.

As far as installing Mumble goes, you can accept all the defaults. When you get to the final screen, be sure to check "start mumble".

Once you start Mumble for the first time, it will launch the Audio Tuning Wizard. Be sure to select the mic and speakers that you want to use before hitting next.

Next, you need to complete Volume tuning. Adjust the slider so that if you're speaking at an annoyed volume, your speech is as close to the red as possible (without going into it).

Now you need to configure how Mumble will detect your speaking. I personally find that "raw amplitude from input" is the best option, but feel free to use Signal-To-Noise ratio or Push to Talk.

On to quality! The default is balanced, but feel free to change it to "High". The server is currently configured to allow 144kb/s of bandwidth, so you should be fine with your preferred quality.

When we're done with the Audio Tuning Wizard, the Certificate Management wizard gets launched. Certificates allow you to connect to the server without entering the server password (after the first time), and allows you to be registered by an admin. You cannot leave the default channel until you've been registered, so this step is very important! Select "automatic certificate creation".

You should now be on the connect screen. Select "add new", as highlighted below.

Enter whatever label you want; this is just what the server will be identified as on your computer. The server address is, and the port is default. For username, enter something that identifies you within the guild.

You should now see the label that you entered, along with the ping and user count for the server. Hit connect and you're on your way!

The first time you connect, Mumble will throw an error about you using the incorrect password. Our server is password protected to stop random people from joining, but you only need to enter this password once - ask an Officer for the server password.

Next, you will be presented with an error about the server's certificate failing verification. Hit yes to accept the certificate.

You need to configure an Access Token to be able to enter the Guild channel. Access Tokens are Mumble's version of passwords. To configure your Access Token, click "Server->Access Tokens" while you're connected to the server.

Click "Add". You will be prompted for what to enter. You will need to enter the Token provided by an Officer of the guild (sorry, but if it were posted here, it wouldn't be very useful to have a password at all :p).

When you first connect, you will be in the "New Users" channel. You'll be unable to leave this channel until an Officer registers you. Once you're registered, there will be a little symbol showing it.

Once you have this symbol, you should be able to change to the XX channel (which is under GW2).

Congrats! You should now be connected and fully configured Smile Feel free to use the server outside of GW2, but please keep guild-related activities inside the guild channel.

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Re: How to configure Voice Chat (Mumble)

Post  MissLeading on Sat Jun 16, 2012 12:46 pm

Raichu, you are a gentleman and a scholar. Pip pip cheerio.


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Re: How to configure Voice Chat (Mumble)

Post  BrackisH on Mon Jun 18, 2012 12:52 am

Great post Wrycu - Locked and Stickied

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Re: How to configure Voice Chat (Mumble)

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